If you have ever seen photos of the headquarters of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley, you know that they take their corporate decor seriously. Take for instance the video wall in the lobby entrance to the SalesForce office in San Francisco. This video wall can be programmed to be anything from tropical rain forest to a waterfall, if you haven’t seen it, do a quick Google search, corporate wall graphicsit’s incredible!

  1. The top tech giants know that office art fosters feelings of creativity, collaboration, and self-expression in their employees. The corporate decor of an office sets the mood of the workplace. Your company does not have to deploy a multi-million dollar piece of art decor to achieve a similar effect. There are graphics you can place at the entrance to your office that will be within your budget and still add that “wow factor” to your office space. Office graphics can be anything as small as a poster on a wall to an entire wall graphic.
  2. Corporate decor sends the message to your employees and your clients that you care about custom office wall graphicsthe company. It also shows that it is important to you to keep your business on the cutting edge of all things beginning with the first thing that people see when they walk in, the office decor. Office decor shows that you take pride in the company and that you care about the small details.
  3. Creative office decor shows that you want your employees to feel good about their workplace. It shows that you want them to feel comfortable expressing themselves creatively and think outside the box. It shows that you want to see them succeed.
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