So, Congratulations! You’ve made the wise decision to upgrade your vehicle fleet by adding wraps to them. Now what? Many people are under the assumption that once a wrap is installed to a vehicle, because it is covering the existing paint job, that the exterior does not have to be cared for anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. A wrap must be cared for just like the original paint job on the vehicle. vehicle fleet graphics

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with purchasing your new vehicle graphics, a reputable print shop will make sure you know how to care for your wraps. Here at AZPRO, as a 3M Certified Installation Company, we provide every client with a wrap care kit and educate them on how to care for their new vehicle fleet graphics so that they enjoy the full life of their wraps.

Here are some tips to ensure you receive the most bang for your buck when purchasing your vehicle fleet graphics:


Rain and snow should have very little effect on your wrap; however, in colder climates, where salt is used on the snowy streets, rust underneath the wrap can compromise the integrity of your graphics. Regularly washing your vehicle is still necessary, even with a wrap. Conversely, the heat can also affect the life of your vehicle fleet graphics if not cared for properly. Extreme temperatures can cause your graphics to fade, so make sure they are stored in a place where you can avoid this. The hood of your vehicles, specifically, is exposed to heat from above and from the engine below, so any time you can keep the front end of the vehicle shade, it would be to your benefit. vehicle fleet graphics


Vehicle Fleet Graphics can be taken through car washes; however, it is recommended that you use a touch-less car wash. Using a car wash that has brushes sparingly will not damage your wrap, but limiting how much you use them is wise. Common problems, like dried bugs or other debris, should be soaked and gently hand washed to remove. To properly care for your Vehicle Fleet Graphics, 3M has several products you can purchase to maintain your wraps. Follow this link to learn more about those products and to learn more about the care of your vehicle fleet graphics.

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