Car Wraps Phoenix | Phoenix Car Wrap Scams You’ve seen the Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar Energy Drink car wraps driving around Phoenix. So when you get an email asking if you want to make some extra cash by wrapping your car, of course you are interested. After reading through the email you learn that you will even get paid up front first; seems legit right? – WRONG! Phoenix car wrap scam artists are still out there offering up fake checks to unsuspecting consumers. Car wrap scammers will usually get to you through emails or online advertisements appealing to those who could: use some extra cash. The scam goes something like this: You respond to the advertisement at which point the car wrap scammer will offer you a check for a large sum of money. This amount is supposed to pay you for allowing the company to “rent” your cars advertising space. After depositing the large check into your account, you’re supposed to transfer the remaining funds to the company that issued you the check. Before realizing that the check is fake, you have just transferred thousands of dollars to a car wrap scammer. Don’t get caught up in a Phoenix car wrap scam. Big companies do not pay random consumers to drive their company logo around on your car. Large companies have their own assets (trucks, cars, trailers, semi-trucks, etc.) to put their logo/brand on. Here are some tips to help you acknowledge these types of scams.

  1. Don’t let someone you don’t know bully you into wiring money to them. Mostly scammers or people that are trying to pull one over on you will ask you to transfer money because your money is very difficult to find after the transfer is finished.
  2. Don’t deposit checks from anyone you are unfamiliar with.
  3. If you do send money to someone that you don’t know make sure that the way you pay is protected somehow.
  4. Don’t give out your personal or financial information to anyone you do not know or trust. Especially if it is for a “Get Paid To Drive” advertisement
These tips should help you avoid getting scammed. Don’t wrap your car unless it is for personal use or business proposes. ]]>

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