How many of you have begun preparing to bring your operations back online when the economy reopens? If you don’t have a reopening plan to reopen your company, you better start moving towards a plan. That plan should be documented and ready to communicate.corona virus retail signage

Though the specifics may not be clear, the need for a plan is more important now, than ever.

A Few Steps to Have a Reopening Plan

Here are three steps every organization can take to help it resume normal operations smoothly when the quarantine ends:

  1. Identify a Czar to lead the charge.

Select a team leader to manage the return-to-normal campaign. This is most often a member of Senior Management but could involve HR and other functional team members.

  1. Create a return checklist.
  • Be prepared and communicate your plan.
  • How will HR prepare to bring people back if they’ve been working from home or on furlough? How will it bring in new employees? What HR policies and procedures will need to be followed? What if people are afraid to come back to work? How do we make people feel good about coming back to work? What about people who prefer to continue working at home? Will we be requiring employees to wear a mask or have their temperature taken? What if an employee refuses?retail signag
  • What communications need to be made internally to prepare to get the company back to normal operations? How about externally?
  • What operations will be brought back to the organization and in what order of priority when you reopen your company? Will any operations remain shuttered or continue to be conducted remotely or through a hybrid arrangement (onsite and work at home)?
  • How do we ensure facilities are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis? What disinfection process do we need to use, based on the type of facility? How do we address the issue of workers’ proximity to one another? Do we need to retrofit facilities? Is It necessary to restart or pre-condition facilities or equipment in advance of returning back to operations? Do we need to recertify manufacturing lines or operations? corona virus retail signage
  • Do you need wayfinding and/or safety signage? Protective acrylic shields for your front desk or cubicles? Floor graphics to create proper social distancing? Banner or exterior signage to let your customers know you are ready for them? THIS IS WHERE AZPRO CAN HELP!
  1. Create an implementation timeline.

Once you work out the key areas and checklist items for each, you need to think about your timetable. Will you be using a phased approach or a quick reopening approach? What is the priority? How will you communicate each section’s timing with your team?

As always, we recommend utilizing trusted governmental agencies as your basis. Make sure you are familiar with current regulations pertaining to conducting business.

If you need help with signage, graphics, design, digital offerings, etc. we are here to help. We have been a trusted community leader during this crisis and will be right here with you as you come out and try to get things back on track!

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