Graphic D-Signs enlisted us to execute from print to installation for the new Goettl brand design, there was no hesitation on our end. We’ve handled the vehicle wraps for Ken Goodrich’s other companies, Sunny Plumber and Honeybee. To continue this relationship through was a no-brainer. print to installation Printing Consistent Colors When it came to working with the new Goettl vehicle wraps, there was a concern for specific colors. To ensure we could hit the nail on the head, we did our preliminary testing. We went through quite a few color samples to find the perfect color combinations that Goettl thought represented their new brand. After locking in the colors, it was just a matter of printing the same color every time on our HP Latex 3000. To ensure we are producing consistent color across the fleet on the future vehicles, we keep our approved color samples established from the first print on hand. When the printed graphics were complete, we ended up with the 3M vinyl laminated on rolls and in separate sections. A little prep before installation The Nissan NV’s, that Goettl uses, have large side window recesses, which could have taken away from the overall design. The solution was to have our installation team custom fabricate aluminum panels and install over those recesses to make it smooth across the van. After the adhesive was applied to the panels and they were installed, we had to allow for a 24 hour cure, before graphics could be applied. The installation process summed up print to installation layout Once we confirmed the panels were properly fit, and that the vehicle is as clean as possible for the 3M vinyl to adhere properly, we started the installation process. The install started with the sides, followed by the top above the windshield, hood, bumper, then rear doors. A typical install could take 10-12 hours with one installer on the project. However, splitting the time with two installers on the job would make it easier and faster.

Wrapping up

The process of wrapping a car is pretty awesome and takes many talented people to achieve. From design to installation, there are a number of hands involved with the process of converting your vehicle into a valuable mobile marketing device for your business. Goettl Vehicle Wrap print to installation To read more about what went into the design process, click the link to the blog]]>

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