With the recent surge in COVID cases, the CDC has updated their recommendations for retail shoppers. Also, governors across the United States are starting to re-impose mask mandates, especially while indoors. This means businesses will need to update their COVID retail signage.

As retailers dust off their old covid retail signage, or even order new graphics to communicate their safety protocols, it’s important to be conscious of where these signs are most effective. Below are some of the best practices to ensure your customers are aware of these requirements:

  • WINDOW GRAPHICS – Whether you place them on your entryways or windows, catching your customers as they enter your location will almost guarantee that your signage is seen.
  • SECURITY PEDESTALS – Creating vinyl shrouds for your security pedestals is another great way to make sure you are catching the attention of consumers as they enter your location.
  • STANCHIONS – Inserts for moveable stanchions are, perhaps, the most versatile of options you have as a retailer. These can be placed in high traffic areas, whether that is outside your store or inside.
  • FLOOR CLINGS – These can be used to not only inform your customers of your mask requirements, but they are also more commonly used to indicate the proper distance customers should leave between themselves and others.
  • CART CORRAL INSERTS – A commonly overlooked place to communicate with consumers, cart corral inserts will reach people well before they even attempt to enter your store.
  • AISLE INVADERS – What has become a new trend in retail signage is also proving to be very effective when it comes to safety signage. Aisle invaders are now being used to remind shoppers which direction they are supposed to walking down aisles.
  • PLEXIGLASS CLINGS – Many retailers have installed plexiglass dividers at their check-out stations. Adding clings to these dividers has proven to be a very popular way to remind customers about their safety protocols.

If your retail store has had to adjust protocols for COVID and you are in need of COVID retail signage designed, printed, and installed to your stores nationwide, the AZPRO team can help! Click here to learn more about AZPRO and our Retail Signage services.