company vehicles, and thanks to modern innovation, many retailers are capitalizing on the growing trend of window perforation graphics.

  • TRANSPORTATION: Window perforation can be used on buses, commuter trains, and commercial vehicles. Each of these vehicles is seen by hundreds, sometimes thousands of people a day and each of them are a potential customer. If you are not [caption id="attachment_11143" align="alignright" width="300"]Window Perforation in phoenix perforated vehicle window graphics[/caption] utilizing your sides of your buses and trains, or the back or side windows of your vehicle, you are missing out on valuable advertising real estate.
  • TYPES OF BRICK AND MORTAR POSSIBILITIES: When it comes to the types of businesses that can use storefront window graphics at their brick and mortar location, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here are some popular industries that have incorporated this lucrative type of advertising: restaurants, bars, grocery stores, airports, hotels, convention centers, stadiums, and municipal buildings to name a few.
  • WHERE TO PUT WINDOW PERFORATION: The front of your location, near the [caption id="attachment_11145" align="alignright" width="300"]storefront Window Perforation graphics perforated window graphics[/caption] entrance, is the most popular location for window perforation, mainly because all of your customers will see it. If you have multiple entrances, it is recommended to use it at all of them to introduce customers to your products or current sales. Window perforation can be used obviously on windows, but glass doors and display cases as well.
  • SHADE: Whether it’s a vehicle or brick and mortar business, window perforation can also serve as a shade in the hot months of summer, while still maintaining the feeling of openness because of your ability to still see through it.
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