architectural finishes, like Di-Noc™, are becoming more and more popular every day. di-noc architectural finishes Not only do architectural finishes make an area more aesthetically pleasing, but they hold many advantages to the more natural materials for which they are substituted, like wood, marble, and granite, to name a few.

The very first advantage of using architectural films is that they are much lighter than the actual materials, so structurally, you don’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of your building in any way. Materials like granite or marble can be very heavy and depending where you place them, you may be risking damage to your structure, or, even worse, the people inside or near those structures. Consider the possibility of wanting to liven up your ceiling with a marble look and instead of installing slats of marble, which pose the risk of falling on those below, you install an architectural film that will give you the same effect.
What one, at first, may consider a small detail will likely become a bigger issue once the situation presents itself. Consider how easy an architectural film, like Di-Noc™, is to clean as opposed to a more natural material. Not only are architectural films stain resistant, but they are much easier to clean as they are flat surfaces.
While it is not an issue so much with marble or granite, one must consider the option of using real wood versus an architectural film that looks like wood. Most Di-Noc™ materials have a Class A Fire Resistance, making them much safer to use than real wood, especially wood that is either treated, painted, or stained. azpro is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company with dedicated designers and installers ready to help you upgrade the look of your office wth Di-Noc™ architectural finishes. Get a free quote here or call 8665038345]]>