Spending the money on rebranding your vehicle fleet graphics is undoubtedly one of the wisest decisions you can make as a business owner. Your vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard for your business seen by thousands of motorists every week. It’s an extremely effective way to reach an audience you may not normally reach. However, it must be executed properly, or you run the risk of not only making the wrap ineffective, or even worse, it could scare potential customers away. fleet graphics

Here are a few things to consider when rebranding your vehicle fleet:


Remember, while your vehicle is being seen by thousands of motorists, the window for sending your message is very small. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road, and they can only glance at your vehicle in very short increments. Make sure your message is clear and you are not overloading your vehicle fleet graphics with unnecessary information or imagery. Keep your vehicle graphics simple.


The chances are your industry has a good number of competitors, so you want to stand out. Choose a color scheme that nobody is using. Using unique, non-stock, imagery is also a very good idea as well.


Be conscious of what goes where on the wrap. For example, you don’t always have to put your phone number on the wrap, but if you do, place it on the back of the vehicle. The chances of someone writing down your phone number is very slim, especially if it is on the side of the vehicle. Put it on the back where if someone were to write it down, they have more time to do it. The better option is to put your website URL on the vehicle. It’s much easier to remember and everyone has a cellphone that they can use to look up your number on your website.