Tip 1: The most successful marketing and advertising strategies work when there is a plan. Signage is critical. Whether you have one location or fifty, you need to take time to plan how your signage will work with your other marketing to define your brand and image. Signs can become the centerpiece of your marketing, particularly interior signs and graphics that can provide point of purchase or service information. Take time to plan, and be creative! Get professionals involved, and become familiar with the wide array of options. creative retail signage Tip 2: Know the rules governing signage at your business location. The best signage is advertising that takes into account your target market and your products or services. The type of exterior signage you select also has to work with your location and physical facility. Most communities have guidelines for the type and size of exterior signs they allow, as do strip centers and downtown business districts. Be sure you know the rules and community ordinances before you spend money on signage that does not comply. Tip 3: External signs need to be simple, yet eye-catching. The goal is not simply to mark the location of the business, but also to grab the attention of prospective customers and make them want to come in. Your exterior signs should match your brand identity by using the same fonts and colors you use in all your advertising and marketing. If you have a distinctive logo, use it on your sign. Consider how McDonald’s has branded its restaurants with the simple “Golden Arches.” That’s a major league example of simple graphics and a consistent color theme that creates brand identity. You also need to make sure your exterior signage wears well. Banners, for example, are awesome and relatively inexpensive, so don’t hesitate to change them regularly to keep them looking fresh and to give your customers new messages that will draw them in. Tip 4: Learn about your options. Large format printers can do some amazing things with signage. Today you can choose Environmental Graphics or Wall Wraps that wrap columns or cover walls, doors or counters with colorful product shots and sales messages that not only look great, but that put your interior design to work as part of your sales force. Building Wraps do the same thing for the exterior of your building, with limitless potential for eye-catching graphics and alluring messages that will help your business. Tip 5: Include Point of Purchase (P.O.P) signs in your signage plan. P.O.P. signs help direct customers or clients to specific sales or new products and make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. P.O.P. signs should change regularly like your merchandise does. They can be product-specific or simply highlight the locations where specialty or new items can be found. Consider having a variety of colorful P.O.P. graphics created that can help you promote products or services and that keep your location looking fresh. Tip 6: Use Window Graphics to add interest to your interior and exterior facade. Printing technology makes it possible to create window graphics that communicate in words and pictures about your business, your products, and your services. Whether your windows are large or small, you can have window graphics created that will add a real punch to the look of your business and will entice customers to come in and look around. You can also tie your seasonal or special promotions to your window graphics, so that customers who see your ads, social media promotions or commercials, or who hear about your business from friends, connect those messages immediately when they walk or drive by. Window graphics can also be designed to add some privacy (or intrigue) to your storefront, which may encourage someone passing by to come in. Consider window graphics as “semi-permanent,” and change them regularly to keep things interesting. Tip 7: Work with professionals who can guide you in your planning, show you options, and professionally produce your signs. The creative idea team we have at azpro are experts at coming up with the right mix of interior and exterior signage that will add punch to your marketing and keep customers coming back. Contact us today and put our expertise in printing and sign design to work.]]>

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