Get your beauty sleep – A good night’s sleep will reflect in how productive you feel the next day, so sleep should definitely be a priority. Adding in a healthy breakfast wouldn’t be a bad idea either. A grumbling tummy can be a bit of a distraction.How do you stay productive? Take Moments to Recharge – Get some fresh air, maybe go for a walk but ensure you are taking your breaks. Nothing is worse than getting burnt out and these are great ways to recharge. Make a to-do list – Creating a tangible list of action items and setting the priorities for them will help you stay on track at work. Some people arrange their tasks based on urgency, completing the smaller tasks first before tackling the larger projects. (This doesn’t go along with our internal GTD concept, but I don’t know if that matters to you.) Manage those Deadlines – What good is that to-do list if deadlines aren’t assigned to them? Assigning a completion time and/or date is vital in keeping oneself accountable and ensuring you don’t procrastinate. Check your email in moderation – Schedule time to check your emails versus responding as you receive them. If you know you don’t have the time to respond to emails at that moment, no need in ‘checking’ them to flag and respond later. Keep a Tidy Desk – Purge and organize! You should be making it a daily ritual to clear your workspace before you leave for the day. Getting rid of all that clutter will also condition you to stay more organized without distractions littering your desk. Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results. Take a shot at being just 1% more efficient on the mentioned steps above and you will soon see a considerable difference in your life’s productivity. Do you have any steps you take to reduce those unique distractions in your workplace? We’d love to hear about them! ]]>