Simple Yet Sophisticated Acrylic is a quality plastic material that is commonly used in the sign business because it acrylic corporate singageprovides a transparent look of glass with the durability of plastic. It is perfect for large format printing. Acrylic also provides an excellent surface for vivid images, etching, multiple dimensions, and perfect Pantone color matches. To achieve a truly custom look, you can also use backlighting or spotlights. Choose different colors and levels of transparency in the material.

Acrylic is All Around You

When you start to look around, you’ll realize that retail stores, real estate developments, office parks, banks, hospitals, and large venues all have found interesting and effective applications for acrylic signage. Acrylic is perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. There are also other benefits, including a much lighter weight than most materials with comparable qualities. The pliability of acrylic allows for complete versatility for customized sizing, layered signs with multiple dimensions, colorful graphics, and relatively simple installations.

Acrylic Can Be Customized to Fit Virtually Any Situation

For indoor wall signage, acrylic is easy to hang. It adds a classy update to retail or office space, turning interior walls into brand ambassadors and setting a professional and consistent tone. Lifestyle brands, boutique clothing stores, and restaurants often set the mood for fun, romance or other brand positions with large scale photographs printed on acrylic and attached to walls. Most importantly, the price point for acrylic makes it possible for everyone, including new businesses, start-ups and franchises with multiple locations, to invest in long-lasting signage that makes a positive first impression and keeps costs down.

Exterior Signage that Can Handle the Elements

Acrylic is durable and weather resistant, outperforming other materials to last significantly longer than wood, metal or glass when installed outside. That makes it a smart investment and a wise choice for exterior signage that will look good for a long time, even when exposed to the elements year-round.

The Impact of Acrylic

Getting attention for your brand and putting forth a modern, professional image has never been more important than it is today. With partners like azpro, there’s no excuse not to have creative, impactful signage and a professional looking interior space as the foundation of your marketing plan. Since size, shape and color are never an issue with acrylic signs, you can get creative with placements on counters, walls and doors that seem to float beyond the wall. There are a variety of different installation options, so you can achieve a custom look that immediately communicates what your business is about. With our in-house design experts, we can work with your team to ensure that the end results meet your vision and your company’s brand and quality standards.

Look to Us as Your Acrylic Signage Partner

Our experience partnering with hundreds of businesses on their signage solutions can provide valuable input as you consider your signage options. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are always ready to help clients maximize the impact of their signage to make their businesses the best they can be. Our skilled team is completely focused on providing awesome service, especially when it comes to our specialties of retail signage/displays, corporate decor, and vehicle fleet wraps. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you create and properly install your next project.]]>

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