Understand your needs Whether you’re looking to turn-around a project quickly or seeking additional services such as binding, production, finishing techniques or installation, find out if the printer can meet all your project needs. Working with one company, rather than sourcing one project to several vendors, will cut down on time, cost and headaches, since the same company will handle the production from start to finish. The right printer for one project may be the wrong printer for a different task. Commercial Printer: win win

Go the Extra Mile

You want to find a printer that will not only partner with you throughout the process but educate you on industry standards, materials and select the best printing process for your project. It’s not a one size fits all scenario when it comes to print marketing. Having a partner with the knowledge to ensure proper specs for your project is invaluable.

Go for Quality

You have to understand that the cheapest option isn’t always a stable option, especially if you are seeking quality. Be sure to research the printer’s portfolio, reach out to former clients and inquire about the quality of the service they received from that printer. As long as you’re accounting for quality and not solely focusing on price, you’ll find an equal balance.

Voice your concerns

If you need more frequent communication and updates, just ask. Having an open and honest line of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page can only benefit everyone involved. Voicing the issues early on will help avoid unnecessary (and sometimes redundant issues) if addressed from the start. Most of all, make sure the printer you choose to partner with makes you feel welcomed, takes the initiative to follow up and is someone you can build a long lasting relationship with. The longer you work with a printer, the better they will learn your business and the better they will be as a resource.]]>