Goodbye, 2019, hello, 2020! As we welcome the New Year, we look ahead to the exciting point of purchase displays trends that we will see in 2020.

  1. Convenient Point of Purchase Displays

One of the hottest trends that we see in 2020 is the “one-stop-shop” POP displays. These super convenient displays will have everything you need in one place. If it is a holiday display, it will have a multitude of Christmas products all in one convenient place. You will see the Christmas cookies, gifts, gift wrapping supplies, candy canes, and decorations right next to each other. You may even see some ugly Christmas sweaters for that ugly sweater party you have to attend. point of purchase displays

2. Informative Point of Purchase Displays

We are living in the information age. People in 2020 have access to more information than ever before. We can access any information instantly anywhere and anytime with a click of a button. It is no coincidence that one of the POP displays that we see this year are displays that educate consumers. Informative point of purchase displays often showcase and compare different products and explain their various features. Teaching consumers something new delivers value, piques their interest, and keeps them engaged.

3. Creative Point of Purchase Displays

Who doesn’t love the creative POP displays that break the traditional mold. Creative displays come in all shapes and sizes. From the floor stand that looks like an enormous chocolate bar to a simple countertop display, there are options in all sizes and for every budget. These displays catch your eye and make you feel excited about the product.

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