With the increased need for coronavirus retail signage for retail stores, especially grocery stores, businesses need to remember that it is important to continue to keep updating their retail signage. Forgetting to change out your business’s signages will cause your old and outdated signage to go unnoticed more making your outdated signage obsolete. Check out the 5 mistakes business commonly make with their retail signage to find out if it is time for new signage for your business.retail signage company

  1. Small Font – This might seem like an obvious mistake but many designers not experienced in designing retail signage, fail to think of the average distance from the viewer and the sign. Make sure they can read the message on your signage and you have various sizes of font based on your main “call to action” or main “call out”.
  2. Placing signage in “unnoticeable” areas – Signage can create a very powerful draw to the areas of the store you want to profit the most from. Put your retail signage in a less noticeable area like the floor, hanging too high from the ceiling, or on walls in dark corners. Put signage in places where your visitors physically have to look. One of our favorite places for your most important signage is right when your customers walk in the store. It is the first place most customers look for catalogs or updates on store sales. Do you need to sell more cheese that is on the back wall of the store with the rest of the dairy products? Put it on a sign front and center and you will be sure to reach your sales goals! retail point of purchase displays
  3. Lengthy messages – Don’t get too wordy when you are designing a sign. Trying to cram as many words as you can onto a tiny sign will most likely go unread because people have an increasingly shorter attention span as we spend more time in the digital world. Using 5 words or less can be quickly read while still getting your point across. A great graphic designer can make your message get seen and get across with less words and more design.

Retail signage can be a complicated game to navigate. Choosing a retail signage company like our team here at AZPRO knows all the tricks to use to get your signage seen. Signage is a constant investment that can dramatically help increase your business’s ROI. Check out some of our team’s retail signage work here.