Like anything, the science behind retail signage is constantly improving thanks to the numerous studies that are devoted to the subject. The way people approach shopping is also changing rapidly. All one has to do is look at the evolution of a day like Black Friday to realize that consumerism has grown akin to a sport, or at the very least a serious hobby for some. Because of this shift, researchers are devoting a massive amount of their attention to not only what draws these consumers to stores or malls, but also what entices them to make purchases while they are there.

Among the most common subject for these researchers on their exhaustive list of studies is the science behind retail signage. Despite the advances of modern technology, there is still plenty of value in the traditional signage that has been a staple in these commercial ventures since supermarkets and department stores landed on Mainstreet USA. What has been made abundantly clear over the last seven decades or so is that there are a few very simple things that have stood the test of time when it comes to the psychology behind retails signs.

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The most obvious thing, but not something that should be overlooked, is that a consumer must be able to read your retail signage companyretail signage. When it comes to the font of the message you are sending, make sure it is not only large enough, but written in a script that is easily readable. For an example of this, see the accompanying picture of a Best Buy kiosk for their mobile phone services. Not only are the logos very readable, but the call to action near the digital screen is written in a very simple font.


While plenty of studies have been performed about colors and the human brain’s association with those colors, one also has to consider what colors go together and are pleasing to the eye. Your sign does not necessarily have to be “colorful”, but it has to retail signage companyemploy a color scheme that is aesthetically pleasing. If you look at the Fry’s Arizona Grown produce signage, it’s primarily black, but the subtle green accents and the image placed into it, give the sign its life.


When it comes to retail signage, that old concept that “less is more” is retail signage companymost often the best policy to adhere to. For many, the shopping experience in itself can be overwhelming, so retail signage should be as simple as possible while still getting its message across. In the accompanying picture, Old Navy does a tremendous job of advertising their Clearance Sale with a simple message that is also informative.

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