Signage has always been an effective way to convey messages to readers. As technology has evolved, the way that people use signage to communicate with their readers has changed too. Although the basic tenants of signage will always remain the same, with the constant developmentcustom retail signage in technology each new year brings new trends to the world of signage. Here are a couple of the latest signage trends to watch out for in 2019.

Building Wraps

You may be in the middle of renovating your building and looking to draw attention away from the construction or maybe you are just looking to take advantage of the perfect location for advertising space. There are many reasons to use building wraps since they make a big impact and are pretty hard not to notice.


Hashtags are one of our favorite signage trends since they are fun to use and can be an excellent marketing tool. Hashtags help drive more internet traffic to your brand. People love to encapsulate situations with cute hashtags that turn into fun viral sayings, things like #fun and #tbt are silly little things but garner large amounts of attention from people on social media. Incorporating social media hashtags together with your signage helps people who are interested in learning more about your brand find it easily on social media.


Now more than ever, consumers are continually being bombarded with advertisements. It can be challenging for marketers to get noticed. An effective way to help your brand rise above the noise is by doing the unexpected. Today’s advertisers are beginning to embrace minimalism when it comes to marketing. A clean text or photo with a clear message can be more effective than a loud headache inducing unclear advertisement. Here at azpro, we help clients create effective signage that gets noticed. Call us today at 866-907-8438 to learn more about the current signage trends and how we can help create eye-catching signage for your business.]]>

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