Classic 1953 Chevy Truck Before In February we had our Wrap Party Open House in which we invited local vendors, clients and the community to join us for an evening of fun and giveaways. That evening we had two vehicle wraps up for grabs, one of which Alan McAbee won. Alan brought us his ’53 Dodge Truck and the concept of incorporating the outdoors into his wrap. After a creative brief with his designer Gabe, and a few revisions to tighten up the design we can confidently say we nailed it! [gallery size="large" link="none" ids="9118,9120,9119"] Alan, his wife and grandson came to pick up the wrap this week and the reactions were priceless. Alan travels all over Arizona to attend classic car shows, and make special appearances with his car. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you see him and check out his sweet wrap while you’re at it! A big thank you to Feller’s and 3M for donating the material for this wrap. And a thank you to the whole team for Going Beyond to make this wrap possible. Want to see more photos of the wrap? Click here to check them out on our Facebook Page!]]>

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