Free Fruit for Kids at Kroger

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Kroger is taking a healthy approach to detour kids from reaching for the candy with the roll out of the “Free Fruit for Kids” fruit carts. The initiative gives kids free fruit to enjoy while parents do their grocery shopping.

azpro had the opportunity to collaborate with Kroger to design and print over 300 fruit carts over the past year for distribution across their stores.The presentation of the fruit carts encourages and allows for the kids to reach in and pick their own fruit, which has received an overwhelmingly positive response from not only the parents but the kids.

You will also find the “Free Fruit for Kids” carts located within the Fry’s Food and Drug stores, a division of Kroger.

“At Kroger we understand the importance of encouraging kids to eat healthy foods,” says Anne Jenkins, spokesperson for Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Division. “Through our Free Fresh Fruit for Kids promotion, we hope children will become excited to eat more fruit and, in turn, develop positive attitudes toward other healthy foods that contribute to their overall wellness.”

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